Wednesday, April 16, 2008

From the 18-year-old me...

·         Why should artists have my parents’ and my tax dollars handed to them? The money they make off their art (if any) won’t be coming back to my parents, who work just as hard, if not harder, than they do.

·         I understand and respect the fact that some people simply feel that art is their calling, and that they couldn’t be truly happy doing anything else. But my respect for them does not go as deep as my pocket; the fact that they feel the need to indulge in art is not my financial problem.

·         Most of my political beliefs are based on the knowledge that I want to have a family one day and be able to take care of them first. And when it comes to art subsidies, I can’t deal with the fact that money I could be using for own children’s education and upkeep could be going to someone for free just because they want to create art.

·         “Art” is a very open-ended term, and in this country a lot of bullshit in the past has been called art; I don’t want to pay for someone to stack bricks or toothpicks together and call it art.

·         Artistes and Lefties like to tell me that art is essential to our society; it’s actually not. It’s a nice bonus, but the money that goes to art, even if it is a small part of the budget, should be going to health care and education.

·         People need to be healthy and literate to function in society, but they don’t need to be artistic.

·         Society might be less interesting without art, but it can still function without art. It can’t function without health care, education, defense and prisons, as well as welfare and other assistance for the genuinely disadvantaged people who really want to take responsibility for themselves.

·         If someone becomes gravely ill, they need adequate medical attention right away, and the less money that goes into the health care system, the less likely people are to get what they need when they need it. If someone has a heart attack, they need a cardiologist, not a painting on their wall.



·         And about welfare…I’ve had Lefties tell me that not supporting the welfare system is like not supporting public health care and education. Well, wake up, pinkos, it’s not. I support welfare for the genuinely disadvantaged: the people who have been in an accident or suffered a debilitating illness who physically cannot work.

·         But we know there are people who cheat the system and live off it when they really don’t have to, like single mothers who continuously have children so they can continue living on welfare

·         And this is the same concept for men or other women who cheat the system in the same or different ways

·         And don’t let people who are on welfare adopt



·         I think the group of people in this world who annoy me the most might just be pro-choice vegetarians

·         They’ll jump up and down screaming about the evils and ills of eating meat, saying how cruel it is to kill animals to feed ourselves, but then they make just as much noise whenever anyone expresses the belief that people should not be allowed to kill human babies for the sake of avoiding inconvenience

·         So what they’re saying essentially is that the life of a chicken should be protected more than the life of a human baby

·         The chicken will never find the cure for cancer, be a leader of a country, bring joy to a family, be a great sibling to someone, go to university, or be the parent of someone who does something great

·         If pro-abortion alfalfa eaters love cows and chickens and fish more than human babies, then they can go live in pastures and pens and dirty oceans with their precious animals, and get it on with the bulls and the roosters, because then they won’t get pregnant with babies they’ll abort

·         They’re full of cock and bull, so why not live with them?

·         If you’re so “pro-choice” about the life of a baby, then shut the fuck and let people make their own choices about what they eat, and don’t shove your vegetarian dribble down the throats of meat-eaters; it just makes us want to eat meat/poultry/fish more. I don’t believe in killing for fur or ivory, especially because cheetahs, tigers, elephants and other species are endangered. But there are too many malting chickens and cud-chewing cows out there. We can spare a few. Trust me. The world will not end.

·         You’re not morally superior to me just because I enjoy calamari and chicken salad while you opt for tofu



·         Pro-life Righties like me are not anti-feminists who want to be subservient to men; we just think a woman has to accept that if she has sex she can get pregnant and shouldn’t have sex until she’s ready to have a baby or give it up for adoption, because even with birth control and condoms and ECPs, accidents can and do happen

·         And if you are going to have an abortion, do it quickly, shut up about it and don’t do it again. It’s not something to be proud of.

·         It makes me sick to my stomach that late-term abortion has ever been legal in any country, that you could pull out a live baby and kill it  by sucking its brains out or stabbing it, even when it’s moving and breathing, just because it’s still attached to the mother

·         Doctors who perform these kinds of abortions and the cunts who get them should be bashed on the head with crowbars

·         If the baby’s brain is functioning, and it’s breathing, IT’S ALIVE without question, and just because it’s still attached to the woman by an umbilical cord doesn’t mean it’s okay to kill it!

·         If a woman dies have a late-term backstreet abortion, well I’m sorry about that. It’s your choice to have sex, but not the baby’s choice to have it’s head pulled out of the womb and have his or her brains vacuumed out.

·         Hard-core Lefties sometimes appear to me to value the lives of serial killers and terrorists more than those of unborn innocent children. (They believe in pampering murders in attempt to “rehabilitate” them, and defend terrorists by babbling about how they do not have a democratic voice like we do in the Western world, and have to be heard somehow, and they never fail to blame the US for the presence of Islamo-fascist terrorists crawling around the Middle East and everywhere else. Wake up, morons, JIHAD IS CENTURIES OLDER THAN THE UNITED STATES.) Yet they have heart attacks if someone says it should be illegal to destroy the life of an unborn baby; they talk to me like I’m a bad person because I don’t think people should be allowed to get an abortion on demand 

·         be aware of your body; if you think you might be pregnant, take a test, and if you are, make up your mind about what to do before the first trimester is over

·         It’s not hard to obtain contraception in this country. Don’t rely solely on the condom; use that and something else, and have regular pregnancy tests

·         if a woman does not maximize her efforts to not get pregnant and then she does, it makes her getting an abortion even more revolting

·         It’s true that it isn’t fair that women have to worry about getting pregnant when they want to have sex and men don’t, but there’s nothing we can do about that. Women have to accept that for them sex comes with an extra concern about getting pregnant. So don’t sleep with men who you don’t want to get pregnant by!

·         Lefties try to make everything so complicated. Whenever they start in on their pro-choice rants, they try to tell me that women need to finish school, have a right to a career, that it’s better that they abort their baby rather than have it when it was unplanned, that if you take away the right to abortion on demand it will be a step backwards for gender equality. Save it. It’s really quite simple. Don’t fuck whoever you want to fuck whenever you want to fuck them, and when you do fuck them, take strong precautions, but never forget that if you open your legs, there is a chance you could get pregnant. And nothing can justify killing a baby just because you don’t want it or want to have one later. Is that fair? No, not when men don’t have the same dilemma. But guess what? LIFE’S NOT FAIR.


·         And since we’re in the general area of safe sex, I have to admit something that may make most of you think I’m heartless: I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people in Canada who get AIDS if they contract it by having unprotected sex

·         People getting AIDS in Africa and other developing regions is a totally different story; they don’t have the easy access to condoms and sexual education than we do here, and many women who work as prostitutes have unprotected sex because their clients will pay more money if a condom isn’t used, and these women are so desperate that it’s understandable that they would risk their lives to feed their families

·         But in Canada, condoms fall from the sky and it is relatively easy to get tested for HIV/AIDS

·         Use a fucking condom, and know who you’re having sex with!

·         And don’t sleep with every attractive person you see


·         I love peace as much as anybody does, and of course I would love world peace. War is a vile, hideous, wasteful thing, and like all forms of killing, a sin. But unfortunately it’s a fact of life that will not go away just because Left-wing protesters make fuck loads of noise in the streets and rage against anyone who suggests bombing the shit out of a place for the chance to kill dangerous people. World peace is a fantasy that I dare not indulge in because it simply is not realistic.

·         Of course it’s disgusting and tragic that innocent people, especially children, have been killed in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon at no fault of their own, and I don’t know how to deal with that. It hurts me every day to think about it, and I feel very helpless.

·         For the last four years I’ve struggled to find a stance on the war in Iraq. The Bush administration is not a bunch of bumbling fools, and I have tried to have faith that at least some things are being done right in Washington, D.C. I don’t believe, as some Lefties have tried to convince me and the rest of the word, that Bush and company totally made up a story about weapons of mass destruction and terror threats as an excuse to invade Iraq and bomb the shit out of it just to access the oil. I’m not saying oil wasn’t on their minds; they are Republicans after all, and any chance for fiscal and social gain for their own people looks good to true conservatives. But I wasn’t there when they decided to deploy their troops; none of us ordinary folk were, so take everything you hear from the (liberal-biased) media with a grain of salt.

The things that'll make you think about things...

I starting brainstorming while I was watching Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (the one with Robert DeNiro). Don't ask me why, but the monster got me thinking about souls...

·         The monster is aware that he is a male, and because of his brain, he is heterosexual and has a desire for female companionship

·         It’s easy to pity him, because he has no mother, no loving father and no soul, but he seems to also be aware of his and he laments not having a soul

·         Is there any way he could gain one through Christ, or has his creator damned him by creating him out of recycled human materials?

·         The monster appears to have a brain that knows the difference between right and wrong; he says to Victor, “you gave me emotions, but never taught me how to use them”; he knows it’s wrong to kill but can’t control his emotions of anger enough to restrain killing the loved ones of the man who has caused him so much suffering

·         Man may be able to give life to a body, but only God can administer a soul

·         The monster has no soul because the souls of the people he was made of were released when they died

·         Victor fails to understand, or chooses to ignore, the immorality of his actions

·         We can never create a perfect life; only a working body

·         The monster had a working brain, but the brain itself is not socialized. The monster was never socialized, so he doesn’t know how to use his emotions or impulsions

·         Whoever the brain was taken from, some of their personality would be in the creature; Waldman was extremely intelligent. So the monster was precocious and curious and able to learn to read quite quickly

·         His experiments only physically reanimated organisms, but could not restore personhood


This isn't a hint or anything...

Do Not's For Male Politicos - Dealing with the Female Counterpart

I don't think this really needs an introduction...

1) do not tell a girl what she needs, wants or deserves, especially when you just met. you think you know it all, but she knows herself better than you do

2) do not tell her what she needs to hear to get her to join your party. it will bite you in the ass later on

3) do not flirt with her when you still have a girlfriend, a fuck buddy you have feelings for, or are in the "grey area" with someone

4) when you take her as your date to an event, introduce her to all politicians and others you meet, and include her in the conversation; if she just wanted an excuse to dress up for the day, she would have gone out with her girlfriends

5) do not move in to kiss her only to back out of it; it's cruel and makes you look like a pussy

6) do not criticize her dissenting views, especially if you're the one who signed her up for the party

7) telling her she's attractive is one thing, telling her what kind of shoes and clothes to wear is another

8) women wear heels, and they make it harder to walk fast in; get used to it, and be considerate, especially if you're tall and she wears heels so she can talk to you

9) if she calls you or leaves you a message, it's likely something relevant to politics, so call her the fuck back

10) complimenting a woman is one thing, ogling her is another, especially if you're old and gross. So quit staring

11) if she is already drunk at a party function, do not encourage her to drink more. she could get sick, and it makes you look like a potential date rapist

12) do not flirt with her if she has a boyfriend (or you are under the impression that she has one). girls talk

13) do not hold her hand or touch her in front of campaign team members who are gossipy or friends of yours who hate her. be prepared for rumours

14) actually, unless she's shown some form of romantic interest in your or has shown herself to be physically affectionate person, don't touch her at all

15) do not keep her waiting for long periods of time. people in politics are used to being busy, so standing around waiting does not sit well with us

16) her life does not revolve around you. period. if you're not dating, sleeping together, or married to each other, she probably doesn't think about you that often

and to summarize my rantings for the night:

17) don't talk the talk if you won't walk the walk