Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More New Rules!

New Rule: Liberals need to stop ragging on Sarah Palin over her daughter's pregnancy. Yes, Palin raised the girl, but she's 17 years old and was more than capable of exercising her own free will when she opened her legs. They wouldn't call Obama a hypocrite if one day one of his girls grew up to be a pro-life or anti-gay activist, but hell, they're liberals, and that means they apply one set of standards to themselves and a completely different set of standards on everyone else.

New Rule: How about asking the CANADIAN PEOPLE whether or not THEY want Green Party leader Elizabeth May included in the leaders' debates this campaign? Of course the Four Stooges don't want a woman in their midst during the debate they already have a shrieky bitch who excels at playing the victim, and his name is Gilles Duceppe.

New Rule: Mitt Romney has to redo his RNC speech and take out the parts about America being the greatest nation in the history of the world! Mitt, America hasn't been Number One since before you could get an erection and feel guilty about masturbating next to the Book of Mormon.

New Rule: Stephane Dion and Stephen Harper need to stop bickering back and forth about who said what about the GST, and just tell us what the fuck they're going to do about it if they're elected! Oh right, I forgot, Dion can't make priorities or decisions, and Harper has governeed over the last 31 one months coasting on previous Liberal fuck ups, and he needs a little more time for reprogramming.

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