Thursday, September 11, 2008

From "Choice" to Eugenics

What happens if a parent kills a child of theirs afflicted with Down Syndrome or some other disability? That's right, they go to JAIL, because they are MURDERERS (and if they don't, the justice department isn't doing its job.) But if the parents kill their baby before the umbilical cord is cut, they become a statistic and walk out the hospital scott-free. Aborting babies for any reason is murder; aborting them because of disabilities, gender or any other characteristics detected before birth is called EUGENICS. why does this all sound so familiar? OH, now I remember: the NAZIS had a similar game plan about 70 years ago! Whacking your baby because it's not a ten does not make you a loving mother, it makes you Adolf Hitler. When you abort a baby because he or she has Down, you're deciding that this child's life is disposable, and not as sacred as the life of a child without Down. The fact that you're too lazy and selfish to care for the child that needs something a bit more does not change the sanctity of human life.

Which brings me to a very important new rule...

New Rule: If you support abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, or any combination of the above, you're not allowed to say you believe in the sanctity of human life. By supporting any form of killing, whether is the name of "choice", "justice" or "mercy", you are demonstrating that you value some human life more than other human life.

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