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For Those Who Don't Have A Life...In Depth Questions
Let's do this.
What's your name?:Rachel Elizabeth Cassar
How old are you?:20
What's your sign?:Taurus
Where are you located?:Toronto
Date of birth.:May 5, '88
Love and Such
What is, first of all, your gender?:Female
Your sexual orientation?:Straight
Have you ever been in love?:Yes
ARE you in love?:No
List your crushes.:lots, since i was a kid, not really any right now
Describe your first kiss.:Thrilling
Describe your first date.:flawless
Describe your first sex.:TBD
Are you in a relationship? If so, with who?:No
What's the most important thing in a relationship?:Trust; cliched, but its true
What personal qualities do you look for in a potential mate?:positivity, intelligence, Deistic view of God
What physical qualities do you look for?:kissable lips, beautiful eyes
Is personality or appearance more important?:personality; looks go at some point
Do you want to get married? If so, at what age?:Yes, hopefully by 28 or 29
Do you believe in love at first sight?:No
Do you believe in soul mates?:No
Is romance even important to you?:Yes
What IS romance, to you?:Friends plus butterflies and orgasms
Describe the person you currently like/love the most, romantically.:Shhhhh
More space if needed.:We barely know each other, but I'd like to change that...
Your Past and Present
What is your favorite memory?:My first NHL game, May 2003
What is your least favorite memory?:the death of my father
So far, what has been your favorite age?:Good question...I think i'll have to go with 17 AND 18
Why is that?:I made most of my dumb mistakes then that helped me become smarter
Do you enjoy the age you are now? Why or why not?:Not sure, just turned 20 yesterday :p
Who was your first best friend? Do you still talk to him/her?:At 17? shadi and still is <3>
When you were in grade school, what did you want to be when you grew up?:Doctor, or palentologist, or lawyer
Now, what do you aspire to be?:Law clerk, PR exec, political pundit, writer
Have you "found yourself yet"? If so, describe this experience.:Yes; through all the shit I've been through with strength from the Creator
More space if needed.:
Who is your current best friend?:I have a few
Name some other good friends.:Your dad
Have you enjoyed life so far?:Yes
What could be better?:My love life; that's about it, I really can't complain
Who is your favorite musical artist?:Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, Aerosmith
What is your favorite song from that artist?:Living on a Prayer/a few/Dream On
What is your favorite song of all time?:Dream On, by Aerosmith
What's the best thing about that song?:Reminds us to live every day as if it were our last
Quote your favorite lyrics.:"Sing with me, if it's just for today, maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away"
What genre(s) do you generally listen to?:totally depends on my mood
Do you have a variety of musical tastes?:Yes
How do you feel about country?:meh
About jazz?:Like like
About classic rock?:sweeet
About the 80s?:Liked, but 90s is my weakness
About modern music?:blech
About classical music?:grew up on it
Which decade provided the greatest music, in your opinion?:1990s! lol i'm a freak
Do you listen to Queen? (You should!):yes indeed
To the Beatles?:YES
To Fall Out Boy?:a bit
To Shania Twain?:a bit
To Backstreet Boys?:yes lol
To Britney Spears?:not really
To Michael Buble?:yes
To Miley Cyrus?:NO
To My Chemical Romance?:Not really
To Journey?:No
To Ben Jelen?:Never heard of him to be honest
List other musical artists that you enjoy.:Whitney Houston, U2, Rolling Stones, Toni Braxton, Pussycat Dolls, Michael Bolton, Luther Vandross, Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye
List musical artists that you can't stand.:Slipknot, many of the modern "rock" bands
Is there a band you wouldn't be caught dead listening to but you do anyway?:No
Are you in a band? If so, what's its name?:No
What musical instruments can you play?:None
What would you LIKE to play?:Piano
What's your favorite musical instrument?:Drums
Have you ever aspired to be a rock star, or other sort of musical artist?:lol not seriously
Can you write songs?:Can, yes
Who is your favorite lyricist?:Don't have one
Other thoughts on music?:Can't live without it
Beliefs And All that
What is your religion?:Christian Deist
Do you believe in God(s)?:Yes, but he's not a puppetmaster
Is there a messiah? If so, who?:Yes, Jesus Christ
Are you anti-semitic (prejudiced against Jews)?:Au contraire
Do you believe in miracles?:Not since the time of Christ
Do you believe in heaven and/or hell?:both
How do you feel about Christianity?:Disgraces Christ, often
About Islam?:...not touching this with a barge pole
About Wicca?:don't care that much
About atheism?:makes no sense
About Hinduism?:Don't care
About Buddhism?:has some great tenets
If you weren't the religion you are now, what religion would you follow?:Probably Judaism
How religious are you?:not RELIGIOUS at all; Spiritual and devout, very
Is God very important to you?:Yes
How was the earth created?:With science by God
How do you feel about abortion?:It is wrong
About same-sex marriage?:No problem with it
About same-sex adoption?:Okay, as long as the child has positive role models of both sexes
About homophobia?:I'd like to put the homophobes in a city of their own
About theocracy?:DOESN'T WORK! Religion and politics DO NOT mix
Do you believe America should be a Christian nation?:NO! It NEVER WAS, and it never should be
How important is the first amendment to you, in every aspect?:Can cause issues, but is the most sacred of all rights
What do you live by, like a life motto or whatever?:"I can't do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
How do you feel about religious fundamentalists?:They're going to kill us all
About born-again believers?:I am one, but I can't stand the ones that shove their beliefs down the throats of others claiming to have absolute truth
About President Bush?:When he tried to milk a horse...I knew that was the end of the empire
About the war in Iraq?:Should not have gone in the first place, but must not cut and run; it must be ended slowly and carefull
About marijuana legalization?:Take if OFF THE BOOKS; it's not causing society any real problems
About cherry-picking from the Bible and other holy texts?:Fuck you assholes; don't destroy our most precious works
About communism?:BAD WORD! BAD BAD WORD!
About America?:The Founding Fathers are currently spinning in their graves
About people who don't follow your belief system?:whatever, that's their God given right
About liberals?:They can kiss my ass
About conservatives?:While I grovel at Ronald Reagan's
About Barack Obama?:Hot man, full of hot air
About Hillary Clinton?:I love her, but I don't want her to be president
About John McCain?:No one else I'd trust my family's lives to
About saying "that's so gay", etc.?:every time I hear someone say it I want to slap the shit out of them
Do you know who YouTube's TheAmazingAtheist is?:Heard of it
If so, do you like him? Why or why not?:N/A
Do you know who Jezuzfreek777 is?:N/A
How do you feel about HIM?:Don't care
If you believe in God(s), why?:This earth could not have made itself; and my own personal experiences
If you don't believe in any gods, why not?:N/A
Is organised religion an evil to the world? If so, why?:Yes, because every claims exclusivity and forget who they're REALLY supposed to be serving
Other thoughts on your beliefs.:Everyone should explore Deism: Belief + God-given reason
This Or That
Love or money?:Love
Love or lust?:Love
Evolution or creation?:Both
Rock or rap?:Rock
Writing or reading?:Reading
Sports or literature?:Literature
Liberal or conservative?:Conservative
Obama or Clinton?:Clinton
Gay or straight?:Straight
Filthy rich or aesthetic?:Neither
Happily obese or miserably thin?:Neither
Rain or snow?:Rain
Clouds or clear blue sky?:BLUE SKY
Stars or the moon?:Moon
Day or night?:Night
Dawn or dusk?:Dusk
Awake or asleep?:Awake
Phone or IM?:Phone
Myspace or Facebook?:Facebook
Surveys or quizzes?:Surveys
Ship or plane?:Ship
Hot or cold?:Cold
Freezing to death or burning to death?:Freezing
Drinking puke or diving into a pool of cockroaches?:cockroaches
Action movies or romantic comedies?:Action
Fiction or non-fiction?:Non-fiction
Old or new?:new
Pens or pencils?:pens
Spiral or bound?:bound
Sims 1 or Sims 2? (Ole, Sims 3!):None
Television or internet?:internet
National Geographic or MTV?:NG
Eating or drinking?:eating
Junk food or health food?:health food
Vegetarian or vegan?:Neither, hippie
Rock, paper, or scissors?:None
Sexy or cute?:cute
Cruel hot person or extremely sweet and funny hideous person?:I'm more likely to encounter the hot person lol
Quasimodo or Phoebus?:Quasimodo
The Phantom or Raoul?:PHANTON
Flik or Z?:Not sure
Tomboy or girly girl?:girly
Being alone or being in a crowd?:crowd
Conforming or non-conforming?:non-conforming
Being popular or being an outcast?:popular
Stars or hearts?:hearts
You or them?:Me
Complete the statement.
When I die...:I want people to remember me happily
If I rubbed a magic lamp and a genie soared out, my 3 wishes would be...:1) feed everyone in the world 2) cure cancer 3) eliminate religion
I should currently be...:studying lol
I love _ more than anything else in the world.:Jesus Christ
If I were to walk in anyone's shoes for a day, it would be...:Ronald Reagan
My first thought waking up...:so comfy in my bed...
The weirdest dream I ever had was about...:that's private
If I was the only person left on the planet...:I'd look for sperm
If I were to write a story, it would be about...:my life
The greatest thing about my life is...:how I've pulled myself up from the bottom
My room looks like...:a bomb hit it
The ideal life would include...:a healthy and happy world
_ is why I am the way I am.:My past
My parents/guardians would describe me as...:challenging lol
I skipped the favourites section because I hate it.
So here are two spaces to list your favourite things.
Wrapping it up.
Did you enjoy the survey?:Yes I did
What was your favorite question to answer?:belief questions
Did you lie or exaggerate?:No
Which was your favourite section?:Beliefs
Do you plan to share this with anyone?:Yes
If every human took this, whose results would you be most interested in?:everyone's
What question do you wish I had asked?:None
Now answer it.:
Final thoughts.:
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