Thursday, September 11, 2008

From "Choice" to Eugenics

What happens if a parent kills a child of theirs afflicted with Down Syndrome or some other disability? That's right, they go to JAIL, because they are MURDERERS (and if they don't, the justice department isn't doing its job.) But if the parents kill their baby before the umbilical cord is cut, they become a statistic and walk out the hospital scott-free. Aborting babies for any reason is murder; aborting them because of disabilities, gender or any other characteristics detected before birth is called EUGENICS. why does this all sound so familiar? OH, now I remember: the NAZIS had a similar game plan about 70 years ago! Whacking your baby because it's not a ten does not make you a loving mother, it makes you Adolf Hitler. When you abort a baby because he or she has Down, you're deciding that this child's life is disposable, and not as sacred as the life of a child without Down. The fact that you're too lazy and selfish to care for the child that needs something a bit more does not change the sanctity of human life.

Which brings me to a very important new rule...

New Rule: If you support abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, or any combination of the above, you're not allowed to say you believe in the sanctity of human life. By supporting any form of killing, whether is the name of "choice", "justice" or "mercy", you are demonstrating that you value some human life more than other human life.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More New Rules!

New Rule: Liberals need to stop ragging on Sarah Palin over her daughter's pregnancy. Yes, Palin raised the girl, but she's 17 years old and was more than capable of exercising her own free will when she opened her legs. They wouldn't call Obama a hypocrite if one day one of his girls grew up to be a pro-life or anti-gay activist, but hell, they're liberals, and that means they apply one set of standards to themselves and a completely different set of standards on everyone else.

New Rule: How about asking the CANADIAN PEOPLE whether or not THEY want Green Party leader Elizabeth May included in the leaders' debates this campaign? Of course the Four Stooges don't want a woman in their midst during the debate they already have a shrieky bitch who excels at playing the victim, and his name is Gilles Duceppe.

New Rule: Mitt Romney has to redo his RNC speech and take out the parts about America being the greatest nation in the history of the world! Mitt, America hasn't been Number One since before you could get an erection and feel guilty about masturbating next to the Book of Mormon.

New Rule: Stephane Dion and Stephen Harper need to stop bickering back and forth about who said what about the GST, and just tell us what the fuck they're going to do about it if they're elected! Oh right, I forgot, Dion can't make priorities or decisions, and Harper has governeed over the last 31 one months coasting on previous Liberal fuck ups, and he needs a little more time for reprogramming.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some New Rules

New Rule: Stop saying Heath Ledger's death is only reason the world is raving about his performance as the Joker. He wasn't dead when he put on the purple coat and turned a nearly 70 year old comic book prankster into one of the most iconic villains of the 21st century. His death is not what made him great, it was his life, cut short in a horrific way, and the only time I thought about that awful January day while I was absorbed in The Dark Knight i when I realized he won't be around to reprise his role in the next movie, and pity the poor schmuck who has to step into those checkered socks.

New Rule: Stop flooding the internet with orgasmic pictures of married men designed to incite lust. It's distracting me from the walk with Christ, and millions more from their homework, jobs and spouses.

New Rule: Don't call me a bandwagon hopper when I tell you I'm boycotting the Beijing Olympics. The real sheep here are the ones who shrug off China's human rights violations and the fact that the Olympics are keeping them from spending their money and time on things that really matter.

New Rule: Stop releasing new bulletins every second day saying in slightly different wording that Mats Sundin hasn't told us what he's going to do yet. Either give me NEWS or NO NEWS, the way he does it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Why I sometimes hate my country

Yes, the title suggests some very harsh feelings. But tell me how I'm supposed to feel when one of the highest honours that can be given to Canadian citizens is granted to a Holocaust survivor who has spent decades in this country performing abortions and fighting tooth and nail to make it even easier for women to slaughter their own innocent, unborn babies. The death penalty was outlawed in Canada in 1976, and had not been employed since 1967. I agree with the ban on capital punishment, because I believe in the sanctity of human life no matter what a person has done. God will punish them the way He sees fit when the person quits this life. Our only job as humans on this Earth is to keep dangerous people locked up so they cannot hurt or kill again.

Canada got this part right. But we are also the only country on the planet that has no legal restrictions against abortion whatsoever. Women can get abortions any time, for any reason, at ANY STAGE IN THE PREGNANCY, and in most provinces the government will fund these abortions at least until the end of the first trimester. Am I the only asshole around here who thinks this problem needs to sort out its priorities and whip their citizens into taking responsibility for their own actions?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

For Those Who Don't Have A Life...In Depth Questions
Let's do this.
What's your name?:Rachel Elizabeth Cassar
How old are you?:20
What's your sign?:Taurus
Where are you located?:Toronto
Date of birth.:May 5, '88
Love and Such
What is, first of all, your gender?:Female
Your sexual orientation?:Straight
Have you ever been in love?:Yes
ARE you in love?:No
List your crushes.:lots, since i was a kid, not really any right now
Describe your first kiss.:Thrilling
Describe your first date.:flawless
Describe your first sex.:TBD
Are you in a relationship? If so, with who?:No
What's the most important thing in a relationship?:Trust; cliched, but its true
What personal qualities do you look for in a potential mate?:positivity, intelligence, Deistic view of God
What physical qualities do you look for?:kissable lips, beautiful eyes
Is personality or appearance more important?:personality; looks go at some point
Do you want to get married? If so, at what age?:Yes, hopefully by 28 or 29
Do you believe in love at first sight?:No
Do you believe in soul mates?:No
Is romance even important to you?:Yes
What IS romance, to you?:Friends plus butterflies and orgasms
Describe the person you currently like/love the most, romantically.:Shhhhh
More space if needed.:We barely know each other, but I'd like to change that...
Your Past and Present
What is your favorite memory?:My first NHL game, May 2003
What is your least favorite memory?:the death of my father
So far, what has been your favorite age?:Good question...I think i'll have to go with 17 AND 18
Why is that?:I made most of my dumb mistakes then that helped me become smarter
Do you enjoy the age you are now? Why or why not?:Not sure, just turned 20 yesterday :p
Who was your first best friend? Do you still talk to him/her?:At 17? shadi and still is <3>
When you were in grade school, what did you want to be when you grew up?:Doctor, or palentologist, or lawyer
Now, what do you aspire to be?:Law clerk, PR exec, political pundit, writer
Have you "found yourself yet"? If so, describe this experience.:Yes; through all the shit I've been through with strength from the Creator
More space if needed.:
Who is your current best friend?:I have a few
Name some other good friends.:Your dad
Have you enjoyed life so far?:Yes
What could be better?:My love life; that's about it, I really can't complain
Who is your favorite musical artist?:Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, Aerosmith
What is your favorite song from that artist?:Living on a Prayer/a few/Dream On
What is your favorite song of all time?:Dream On, by Aerosmith
What's the best thing about that song?:Reminds us to live every day as if it were our last
Quote your favorite lyrics.:"Sing with me, if it's just for today, maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away"
What genre(s) do you generally listen to?:totally depends on my mood
Do you have a variety of musical tastes?:Yes
How do you feel about country?:meh
About jazz?:Like like
About classic rock?:sweeet
About the 80s?:Liked, but 90s is my weakness
About modern music?:blech
About classical music?:grew up on it
Which decade provided the greatest music, in your opinion?:1990s! lol i'm a freak
Do you listen to Queen? (You should!):yes indeed
To the Beatles?:YES
To Fall Out Boy?:a bit
To Shania Twain?:a bit
To Backstreet Boys?:yes lol
To Britney Spears?:not really
To Michael Buble?:yes
To Miley Cyrus?:NO
To My Chemical Romance?:Not really
To Journey?:No
To Ben Jelen?:Never heard of him to be honest
List other musical artists that you enjoy.:Whitney Houston, U2, Rolling Stones, Toni Braxton, Pussycat Dolls, Michael Bolton, Luther Vandross, Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye
List musical artists that you can't stand.:Slipknot, many of the modern "rock" bands
Is there a band you wouldn't be caught dead listening to but you do anyway?:No
Are you in a band? If so, what's its name?:No
What musical instruments can you play?:None
What would you LIKE to play?:Piano
What's your favorite musical instrument?:Drums
Have you ever aspired to be a rock star, or other sort of musical artist?:lol not seriously
Can you write songs?:Can, yes
Who is your favorite lyricist?:Don't have one
Other thoughts on music?:Can't live without it
Beliefs And All that
What is your religion?:Christian Deist
Do you believe in God(s)?:Yes, but he's not a puppetmaster
Is there a messiah? If so, who?:Yes, Jesus Christ
Are you anti-semitic (prejudiced against Jews)?:Au contraire
Do you believe in miracles?:Not since the time of Christ
Do you believe in heaven and/or hell?:both
How do you feel about Christianity?:Disgraces Christ, often
About Islam?:...not touching this with a barge pole
About Wicca?:don't care that much
About atheism?:makes no sense
About Hinduism?:Don't care
About Buddhism?:has some great tenets
If you weren't the religion you are now, what religion would you follow?:Probably Judaism
How religious are you?:not RELIGIOUS at all; Spiritual and devout, very
Is God very important to you?:Yes
How was the earth created?:With science by God
How do you feel about abortion?:It is wrong
About same-sex marriage?:No problem with it
About same-sex adoption?:Okay, as long as the child has positive role models of both sexes
About homophobia?:I'd like to put the homophobes in a city of their own
About theocracy?:DOESN'T WORK! Religion and politics DO NOT mix
Do you believe America should be a Christian nation?:NO! It NEVER WAS, and it never should be
How important is the first amendment to you, in every aspect?:Can cause issues, but is the most sacred of all rights
What do you live by, like a life motto or whatever?:"I can't do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
How do you feel about religious fundamentalists?:They're going to kill us all
About born-again believers?:I am one, but I can't stand the ones that shove their beliefs down the throats of others claiming to have absolute truth
About President Bush?:When he tried to milk a horse...I knew that was the end of the empire
About the war in Iraq?:Should not have gone in the first place, but must not cut and run; it must be ended slowly and carefull
About marijuana legalization?:Take if OFF THE BOOKS; it's not causing society any real problems
About cherry-picking from the Bible and other holy texts?:Fuck you assholes; don't destroy our most precious works
About communism?:BAD WORD! BAD BAD WORD!
About America?:The Founding Fathers are currently spinning in their graves
About people who don't follow your belief system?:whatever, that's their God given right
About liberals?:They can kiss my ass
About conservatives?:While I grovel at Ronald Reagan's
About Barack Obama?:Hot man, full of hot air
About Hillary Clinton?:I love her, but I don't want her to be president
About John McCain?:No one else I'd trust my family's lives to
About saying "that's so gay", etc.?:every time I hear someone say it I want to slap the shit out of them
Do you know who YouTube's TheAmazingAtheist is?:Heard of it
If so, do you like him? Why or why not?:N/A
Do you know who Jezuzfreek777 is?:N/A
How do you feel about HIM?:Don't care
If you believe in God(s), why?:This earth could not have made itself; and my own personal experiences
If you don't believe in any gods, why not?:N/A
Is organised religion an evil to the world? If so, why?:Yes, because every claims exclusivity and forget who they're REALLY supposed to be serving
Other thoughts on your beliefs.:Everyone should explore Deism: Belief + God-given reason
This Or That
Love or money?:Love
Love or lust?:Love
Evolution or creation?:Both
Rock or rap?:Rock
Writing or reading?:Reading
Sports or literature?:Literature
Liberal or conservative?:Conservative
Obama or Clinton?:Clinton
Gay or straight?:Straight
Filthy rich or aesthetic?:Neither
Happily obese or miserably thin?:Neither
Rain or snow?:Rain
Clouds or clear blue sky?:BLUE SKY
Stars or the moon?:Moon
Day or night?:Night
Dawn or dusk?:Dusk
Awake or asleep?:Awake
Phone or IM?:Phone
Myspace or Facebook?:Facebook
Surveys or quizzes?:Surveys
Ship or plane?:Ship
Hot or cold?:Cold
Freezing to death or burning to death?:Freezing
Drinking puke or diving into a pool of cockroaches?:cockroaches
Action movies or romantic comedies?:Action
Fiction or non-fiction?:Non-fiction
Old or new?:new
Pens or pencils?:pens
Spiral or bound?:bound
Sims 1 or Sims 2? (Ole, Sims 3!):None
Television or internet?:internet
National Geographic or MTV?:NG
Eating or drinking?:eating
Junk food or health food?:health food
Vegetarian or vegan?:Neither, hippie
Rock, paper, or scissors?:None
Sexy or cute?:cute
Cruel hot person or extremely sweet and funny hideous person?:I'm more likely to encounter the hot person lol
Quasimodo or Phoebus?:Quasimodo
The Phantom or Raoul?:PHANTON
Flik or Z?:Not sure
Tomboy or girly girl?:girly
Being alone or being in a crowd?:crowd
Conforming or non-conforming?:non-conforming
Being popular or being an outcast?:popular
Stars or hearts?:hearts
You or them?:Me
Complete the statement.
When I die...:I want people to remember me happily
If I rubbed a magic lamp and a genie soared out, my 3 wishes would be...:1) feed everyone in the world 2) cure cancer 3) eliminate religion
I should currently be...:studying lol
I love _ more than anything else in the world.:Jesus Christ
If I were to walk in anyone's shoes for a day, it would be...:Ronald Reagan
My first thought waking up...:so comfy in my bed...
The weirdest dream I ever had was about...:that's private
If I was the only person left on the planet...:I'd look for sperm
If I were to write a story, it would be about...:my life
The greatest thing about my life is...:how I've pulled myself up from the bottom
My room looks like...:a bomb hit it
The ideal life would include...:a healthy and happy world
_ is why I am the way I am.:My past
My parents/guardians would describe me as...:challenging lol
I skipped the favourites section because I hate it.
So here are two spaces to list your favourite things.
Wrapping it up.
Did you enjoy the survey?:Yes I did
What was your favorite question to answer?:belief questions
Did you lie or exaggerate?:No
Which was your favourite section?:Beliefs
Do you plan to share this with anyone?:Yes
If every human took this, whose results would you be most interested in?:everyone's
What question do you wish I had asked?:None
Now answer it.:
Final thoughts.:
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Rule...

New Rule: the only man from Motown I'm interested in fucking is Nick Lidstrom, so stop honking at me when I walk down the street in my Red Wings jersey. 

Classic Christian Contradictions

  • The Christian Right teaches that God has a divine plan, and that nothing happens outside of His will, and if something bad happens, we are to accept it as God's will, yet they constantly tell their followers to pray every time they want something, and constantly quote the Bible as saying "Ask and ye shall receive". So which one is it? Divine plan or a favour-giving God who answers every "I want a new car" and "I want bigger tits" prayer? NEITHER!
  • They teach that God is all loving and forgiving and merciful (which I believe), but if you don't follow ONE straight and narrow path in a world that is anything but straight and narrow he'll send you a fiery pit for all eternity where you will burn and be eaten by words.
  • They teach that God has everything under control, and the Gospel has nothing particularly flattering to say about money, yet evangelists like to tell their followers that God is asking them for money.
  • If God has everything under control and has  a plan for everyone, why does he need your help to save people's souls from Hell because they never heard the Gospel through no fault of their own?
  • If human beings are all evil, and bad worthless dirt, why are you trying so hard to save every single one conceived (which I'm for, of course, but it still makes no sense)? Wouldn't it be better to let the worthless, born-in-sin babies go straight back to Jesus?
  • If the Bible is error free, perfect, and totally inspired by God, why does it sound like God suffers from multiple personality disorder and a male form of PMS?
  • If Jesus were around today, many Republicans would hate him, yet the GOP is hot for Jesus while the Dems are hot for abortion.
  • If killing is a sin, why do so many idiotic evangelicals believe Bush when he says God TOLD him to invade Iraq?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pinheads and Patriots: North of the Border Edition

Starting this time on the Pinhead front...

PINHEADS: TTC Workers' Union
This past week the Toronto Transit Commission, upon which 1.5 million commuters rely every day to get to work, school and other important places was shut down by a workers' union strike after talks at the bargaining table broke down. The TTC employs about 10000 workers, many of whom make up to $26 per hour, plus they receive exceptionally good benefits and pensions. But apparently it wasn't enough for about 90% of the union who voted to walk out on Torontonians, most of whom make no where NEAR the amount these tax-payer-funded gluttons do, and live without the job security provided by unions. The strike ended after less than one day after the Ontario government passed legislation forcing the swines back to work. For their selfish and childish behaviour, the TTC workers and their enablers are pinheads.

PATRIOTS: The Ontario Legislature
Far be it from me to often praise the McGuinty government or any of their opponents in the wasteful, frustratingly unproductive and dishonest Ontario legislature, but this week even the far left New Democratic Party took a stand for the majority and ordered the spoiled TTC workers back on the job. For their swift and decisive assistance for Toronto, Dalton McGuinty and the Ontario MMPs are patriots.

New Rules from across the political axis

It's time to pay tribute to Bill Maher with my own set of New Rules!

New Rule: If the Eucharist is the literal body and blood of Christ, then Hannibal Lecter should be the pope. For two thousand years the Catholic Church has tried to tell us that eating these crackers and wine will save them because once ingested they literally turn into Jesus's body. But strangely enough, cannibalism as part of one's path to salvation is starkly missing from Scripture.

New Rule: If you are offended by any works of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, not only do I not care about your feelings, I don't care if you get rammed in the ass by a rampaging rhino. Anyone that sensitive needs to leave the free world faster than you can say Isaac Hayes.

New Rule: Don't call a blatant lie a mistake...HILLARY. Unless, you're simply acknowledging that trying  to feed us bullshit about getting shot at in Bosnia in the '90s was a stupid move. I don't know what was going through Billary's head when she tried to tell us an entirely different story than the one clearly told by the footage of her and Chelsea arriving in the Balkans, but what I can tell you is either she thought no one would call her bluff or learned a little too well from hubby how to spin a story.

New Rule: Guilt by association is not guilt at all so get off Barack Obama's ass about Jeremiah Wright. A country that elected George W. Bush for a second term after hearing the shit flying out of his mouth has no right to criticize Senator Obama for not booking from Trinity United Church when screws were going loose in Wright's head.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

God is Great: And Religion STILL Poisons Everything

Christopher Hitchens and I don't exactly see eye-to-eye on the world, but I can't deny that people like him are necessary in today's crazy world.


Many, many Christians praise the Bible as the literal word of God, as the sole resource for how to live one's life sacredly and perfectly. I admit for most of my life I saw it the same way simply because the general consensus of institutional Christianity and it seemed the safest view to have. As I began to realize that the Bible, especially much of the Old Testament, is not the literal word of God, I admit I felt extremely uncomfortable and quite frankly vulnerable. If the Bible is not the literal Word of God, how are we to know for sure how God wants us to behave, what is right and wrong, what can hurt or help our soul?


It's a tough question to answer, but there are ways to go about your life even if you cannot rely 100% on the so-called Word of God. The only true Word of God that ever entered the Earth was the Living Word, Jesus Christ.  He said himself that all old laws were void, and broke many Jewish traditions while on the Earth. Humans had become hypocritical by using the Hebrew Scriptures as excuses to persecute people without following their teachings on how to be good to your neighbour and make the world a better place.


I may disagree fundamentally with Christopher Hitchens about God, but from what I gather quite a few of my fellow believers and myself agree with him that organized religion poisons everything. He's arrogant and rude, but nevertheless a brilliant man and a necessary voice in today's world, especially in the United States where the so-called "Christian" Right is pervading politics.


Bishop Spong has some things to say about Christ that I don't agree with and to me his denial of Christ as the traditionally viewed Saviour is somewhat disturbing. But in everything else, I think he has his head on his shoulders  and that if he and others like him had a bigger voice in the world more people would gravitate toward God and Christ because they'd be able to view them as more open and loving. Traditional Christianity must appear like a prison to outsiders where they have to completely surrender all autonomy and fun. It's not though, and I think Christian thinkers and reformers like Spong, Strobel and others can help spread that message.


It is easy to sometimes sit and say, "Wait, isn't it a little odd to have a religion based on a Jewish carpenter from 2000 years ago who we have many reason to believe is the son of God, but we can't be sure? That a man who died 2000 years ago can still be walking with you, and give you strength, and forgive your sins?"

Well, it DOES sounds odd, but the truth is that Jesus, even if he may not have been the begotten son of God, has had such an enormous impact on humanity that he is alive in us until this day.  The  more someone is remembered, and the stronger the love people had for them, the harder it is for their energy to fade from the earth.


I do believe in Him as my personal Saviour, but I also believe that God has a plan for those who never hear of Christ through no fault of their own. A just God would never condemn people to hell for no wrongdoing, and anyway who says that all will be condemned who never even have a chance to hear the Gospel have perverted minds. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

From the 18-year-old me...

·         Why should artists have my parents’ and my tax dollars handed to them? The money they make off their art (if any) won’t be coming back to my parents, who work just as hard, if not harder, than they do.

·         I understand and respect the fact that some people simply feel that art is their calling, and that they couldn’t be truly happy doing anything else. But my respect for them does not go as deep as my pocket; the fact that they feel the need to indulge in art is not my financial problem.

·         Most of my political beliefs are based on the knowledge that I want to have a family one day and be able to take care of them first. And when it comes to art subsidies, I can’t deal with the fact that money I could be using for own children’s education and upkeep could be going to someone for free just because they want to create art.

·         “Art” is a very open-ended term, and in this country a lot of bullshit in the past has been called art; I don’t want to pay for someone to stack bricks or toothpicks together and call it art.

·         Artistes and Lefties like to tell me that art is essential to our society; it’s actually not. It’s a nice bonus, but the money that goes to art, even if it is a small part of the budget, should be going to health care and education.

·         People need to be healthy and literate to function in society, but they don’t need to be artistic.

·         Society might be less interesting without art, but it can still function without art. It can’t function without health care, education, defense and prisons, as well as welfare and other assistance for the genuinely disadvantaged people who really want to take responsibility for themselves.

·         If someone becomes gravely ill, they need adequate medical attention right away, and the less money that goes into the health care system, the less likely people are to get what they need when they need it. If someone has a heart attack, they need a cardiologist, not a painting on their wall.



·         And about welfare…I’ve had Lefties tell me that not supporting the welfare system is like not supporting public health care and education. Well, wake up, pinkos, it’s not. I support welfare for the genuinely disadvantaged: the people who have been in an accident or suffered a debilitating illness who physically cannot work.

·         But we know there are people who cheat the system and live off it when they really don’t have to, like single mothers who continuously have children so they can continue living on welfare

·         And this is the same concept for men or other women who cheat the system in the same or different ways

·         And don’t let people who are on welfare adopt



·         I think the group of people in this world who annoy me the most might just be pro-choice vegetarians

·         They’ll jump up and down screaming about the evils and ills of eating meat, saying how cruel it is to kill animals to feed ourselves, but then they make just as much noise whenever anyone expresses the belief that people should not be allowed to kill human babies for the sake of avoiding inconvenience

·         So what they’re saying essentially is that the life of a chicken should be protected more than the life of a human baby

·         The chicken will never find the cure for cancer, be a leader of a country, bring joy to a family, be a great sibling to someone, go to university, or be the parent of someone who does something great

·         If pro-abortion alfalfa eaters love cows and chickens and fish more than human babies, then they can go live in pastures and pens and dirty oceans with their precious animals, and get it on with the bulls and the roosters, because then they won’t get pregnant with babies they’ll abort

·         They’re full of cock and bull, so why not live with them?

·         If you’re so “pro-choice” about the life of a baby, then shut the fuck and let people make their own choices about what they eat, and don’t shove your vegetarian dribble down the throats of meat-eaters; it just makes us want to eat meat/poultry/fish more. I don’t believe in killing for fur or ivory, especially because cheetahs, tigers, elephants and other species are endangered. But there are too many malting chickens and cud-chewing cows out there. We can spare a few. Trust me. The world will not end.

·         You’re not morally superior to me just because I enjoy calamari and chicken salad while you opt for tofu



·         Pro-life Righties like me are not anti-feminists who want to be subservient to men; we just think a woman has to accept that if she has sex she can get pregnant and shouldn’t have sex until she’s ready to have a baby or give it up for adoption, because even with birth control and condoms and ECPs, accidents can and do happen

·         And if you are going to have an abortion, do it quickly, shut up about it and don’t do it again. It’s not something to be proud of.

·         It makes me sick to my stomach that late-term abortion has ever been legal in any country, that you could pull out a live baby and kill it  by sucking its brains out or stabbing it, even when it’s moving and breathing, just because it’s still attached to the mother

·         Doctors who perform these kinds of abortions and the cunts who get them should be bashed on the head with crowbars

·         If the baby’s brain is functioning, and it’s breathing, IT’S ALIVE without question, and just because it’s still attached to the woman by an umbilical cord doesn’t mean it’s okay to kill it!

·         If a woman dies have a late-term backstreet abortion, well I’m sorry about that. It’s your choice to have sex, but not the baby’s choice to have it’s head pulled out of the womb and have his or her brains vacuumed out.

·         Hard-core Lefties sometimes appear to me to value the lives of serial killers and terrorists more than those of unborn innocent children. (They believe in pampering murders in attempt to “rehabilitate” them, and defend terrorists by babbling about how they do not have a democratic voice like we do in the Western world, and have to be heard somehow, and they never fail to blame the US for the presence of Islamo-fascist terrorists crawling around the Middle East and everywhere else. Wake up, morons, JIHAD IS CENTURIES OLDER THAN THE UNITED STATES.) Yet they have heart attacks if someone says it should be illegal to destroy the life of an unborn baby; they talk to me like I’m a bad person because I don’t think people should be allowed to get an abortion on demand 

·         be aware of your body; if you think you might be pregnant, take a test, and if you are, make up your mind about what to do before the first trimester is over

·         It’s not hard to obtain contraception in this country. Don’t rely solely on the condom; use that and something else, and have regular pregnancy tests

·         if a woman does not maximize her efforts to not get pregnant and then she does, it makes her getting an abortion even more revolting

·         It’s true that it isn’t fair that women have to worry about getting pregnant when they want to have sex and men don’t, but there’s nothing we can do about that. Women have to accept that for them sex comes with an extra concern about getting pregnant. So don’t sleep with men who you don’t want to get pregnant by!

·         Lefties try to make everything so complicated. Whenever they start in on their pro-choice rants, they try to tell me that women need to finish school, have a right to a career, that it’s better that they abort their baby rather than have it when it was unplanned, that if you take away the right to abortion on demand it will be a step backwards for gender equality. Save it. It’s really quite simple. Don’t fuck whoever you want to fuck whenever you want to fuck them, and when you do fuck them, take strong precautions, but never forget that if you open your legs, there is a chance you could get pregnant. And nothing can justify killing a baby just because you don’t want it or want to have one later. Is that fair? No, not when men don’t have the same dilemma. But guess what? LIFE’S NOT FAIR.


·         And since we’re in the general area of safe sex, I have to admit something that may make most of you think I’m heartless: I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people in Canada who get AIDS if they contract it by having unprotected sex

·         People getting AIDS in Africa and other developing regions is a totally different story; they don’t have the easy access to condoms and sexual education than we do here, and many women who work as prostitutes have unprotected sex because their clients will pay more money if a condom isn’t used, and these women are so desperate that it’s understandable that they would risk their lives to feed their families

·         But in Canada, condoms fall from the sky and it is relatively easy to get tested for HIV/AIDS

·         Use a fucking condom, and know who you’re having sex with!

·         And don’t sleep with every attractive person you see


·         I love peace as much as anybody does, and of course I would love world peace. War is a vile, hideous, wasteful thing, and like all forms of killing, a sin. But unfortunately it’s a fact of life that will not go away just because Left-wing protesters make fuck loads of noise in the streets and rage against anyone who suggests bombing the shit out of a place for the chance to kill dangerous people. World peace is a fantasy that I dare not indulge in because it simply is not realistic.

·         Of course it’s disgusting and tragic that innocent people, especially children, have been killed in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon at no fault of their own, and I don’t know how to deal with that. It hurts me every day to think about it, and I feel very helpless.

·         For the last four years I’ve struggled to find a stance on the war in Iraq. The Bush administration is not a bunch of bumbling fools, and I have tried to have faith that at least some things are being done right in Washington, D.C. I don’t believe, as some Lefties have tried to convince me and the rest of the word, that Bush and company totally made up a story about weapons of mass destruction and terror threats as an excuse to invade Iraq and bomb the shit out of it just to access the oil. I’m not saying oil wasn’t on their minds; they are Republicans after all, and any chance for fiscal and social gain for their own people looks good to true conservatives. But I wasn’t there when they decided to deploy their troops; none of us ordinary folk were, so take everything you hear from the (liberal-biased) media with a grain of salt.

The things that'll make you think about things...

I starting brainstorming while I was watching Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (the one with Robert DeNiro). Don't ask me why, but the monster got me thinking about souls...

·         The monster is aware that he is a male, and because of his brain, he is heterosexual and has a desire for female companionship

·         It’s easy to pity him, because he has no mother, no loving father and no soul, but he seems to also be aware of his and he laments not having a soul

·         Is there any way he could gain one through Christ, or has his creator damned him by creating him out of recycled human materials?

·         The monster appears to have a brain that knows the difference between right and wrong; he says to Victor, “you gave me emotions, but never taught me how to use them”; he knows it’s wrong to kill but can’t control his emotions of anger enough to restrain killing the loved ones of the man who has caused him so much suffering

·         Man may be able to give life to a body, but only God can administer a soul

·         The monster has no soul because the souls of the people he was made of were released when they died

·         Victor fails to understand, or chooses to ignore, the immorality of his actions

·         We can never create a perfect life; only a working body

·         The monster had a working brain, but the brain itself is not socialized. The monster was never socialized, so he doesn’t know how to use his emotions or impulsions

·         Whoever the brain was taken from, some of their personality would be in the creature; Waldman was extremely intelligent. So the monster was precocious and curious and able to learn to read quite quickly

·         His experiments only physically reanimated organisms, but could not restore personhood


This isn't a hint or anything...

Do Not's For Male Politicos - Dealing with the Female Counterpart

I don't think this really needs an introduction...

1) do not tell a girl what she needs, wants or deserves, especially when you just met. you think you know it all, but she knows herself better than you do

2) do not tell her what she needs to hear to get her to join your party. it will bite you in the ass later on

3) do not flirt with her when you still have a girlfriend, a fuck buddy you have feelings for, or are in the "grey area" with someone

4) when you take her as your date to an event, introduce her to all politicians and others you meet, and include her in the conversation; if she just wanted an excuse to dress up for the day, she would have gone out with her girlfriends

5) do not move in to kiss her only to back out of it; it's cruel and makes you look like a pussy

6) do not criticize her dissenting views, especially if you're the one who signed her up for the party

7) telling her she's attractive is one thing, telling her what kind of shoes and clothes to wear is another

8) women wear heels, and they make it harder to walk fast in; get used to it, and be considerate, especially if you're tall and she wears heels so she can talk to you

9) if she calls you or leaves you a message, it's likely something relevant to politics, so call her the fuck back

10) complimenting a woman is one thing, ogling her is another, especially if you're old and gross. So quit staring

11) if she is already drunk at a party function, do not encourage her to drink more. she could get sick, and it makes you look like a potential date rapist

12) do not flirt with her if she has a boyfriend (or you are under the impression that she has one). girls talk

13) do not hold her hand or touch her in front of campaign team members who are gossipy or friends of yours who hate her. be prepared for rumours

14) actually, unless she's shown some form of romantic interest in your or has shown herself to be physically affectionate person, don't touch her at all

15) do not keep her waiting for long periods of time. people in politics are used to being busy, so standing around waiting does not sit well with us

16) her life does not revolve around you. period. if you're not dating, sleeping together, or married to each other, she probably doesn't think about you that often

and to summarize my rantings for the night:

17) don't talk the talk if you won't walk the walk

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Patriots and Pinheads...More from me (thank you for inspiration, Bill O)


  • John McCain
  • Bill O'Reilly
  • Bill Maher
  • Mitt Romney
  • Rudy Giuliani
  • Barack Obama
  • Ron Paul
  • Fred Thompson
  • Alan Colmes
  • Laura Ingraham
  • Michelle Malkin
  • Glenn Beck
  • John Shelby Spong
  • Walid Shoebat
  • David Patreus
  • Anderson Cooper


  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Rosie O'Donnell
  • Michelle Obama
  • Keith Olberman
  • John Edwards
  • Al Gore
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Tyra Banks
  • Ariana Huffington

Friday, April 11, 2008

Pinheads and Patriots...The Canadian way


  • Tommy Douglas
  • Terry Fox
  • Nellie McClung
  • Romeo Dallaire
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Mario Lemieux
  • Mats Sundin
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau
  • Lester B. Pearson
  • Ron McClean
  • Brendan Shanahan
  • Stephen Lewis
  • Margaret Trudeau
  • Mila Mulroney
  • Ellen Page


  • David Miller
  • Paul Martin
  • Brian Mulroney
  • Gilles Ducepe
  • Don Cherry (i'm sorry, the man is an arrogant blowhard whose #6 place on the Greatest Canadian just goes to show that the Americans are not the only people on this continent with mixed up priorities)
  • Jack Layton
  • Sean Avery
  • Dalton McGuinty

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bill O exposes again

When Black Nazism make Michael Moore look docile

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about...

This scared the sh*t out of even me (and that's hard)...

"The fetus on the One...with Reagan!"

Okay, so as some of you more avid Bill Maher fans may know, the title of this entry is a tribute to a self-realization of mine. If any of you haven't watched or listened to Maher's 2004 stand-up show "I'm Swiss"you need to find it ASAP. 

Anyway, I don't know if I sound as right-wing as I really am from some of my posts on religion, because I'm an evangelist for Christians alienated by the so-called Christian Right. For a long time I was in a state of semi-denial about political crowd I run with, but then I heard Bill talking about the Republican fantasy of having Ronald Reagan and the unborn fetus on the One dollar bill, and I found myself all excited about it, thinking "OMG, that'd be the greatest currency EVER!!!"

So...yeah, then I was like okay, my mom's right, I am one of those scary right-wing people that 90% of Toronto hates. You can tell a lot about a person's political and mental frame of mind by who they love and hate, so in no particular order...

I dearly love...
  • Bill O'Reilly
  • Bill Maher
  • Mitt Romney
  • John McCain
  • Ron Paul
  • Bishop John Shelby Spong
  • Christopher Hitchens
  • Fred Thompson
  • JFK
  • RFK
  • Trey Parker & Matt Stone
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau (the late Canadian Prime Minister who told the government to stay out of the bedrooms of his nation)
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Glenn Beck

I love, but only because Jesus said I have to...

  • Al Gore
  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Jack Layton (leader of Canada's New Democratic Party, the home of our far-left loons)
  • Jerry Falwell (he's dead, but he continues to piss off Christ-followers)
  • Rosie O'Donnell
  • Ted Kennedy
  • Fred Phelps
  • Ted Haggard
  • Pat Robertson
  • Keith Olberman

I equally often want to exalt or slap the shit out of...

  • Mike Huckabee
  • Rudy Guiliani
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Barack Obama
  • Bill Clinton
  • Jimmy Carter
  • Stephen Harper (my Prime Minister)
  • Stephane Dion (our Leader of Opposition)
  • Ann Coulter
  • Sean Hannity
  • Condoleeza Rice

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mental spawn of Spong

·         It’s obvious that God can penetrate the physical world, and manifest Himself in a human body: that's what He did with Jesus Christ.

·         But apparently, He only breaks the “Great Wall”, as I like to call it, when we have sunk beyond the levels of depravity and He needs to bring us back to Him

·         I guess it’s possible that Mary might not have been a virgin in the literal sense of the word, in terms of sexual activity

·         But because she was obviously so pure in spirit and so good, and probably closer to God than any other woman on earth, God put Himself into the child in Her womb, and through her He came to us in the physical world; Mary and Joseph were obviously amazing parents and people, otherwise they would not have been chosen to be Christ’s family

·         I don’t care what anyone says, I do believe Christ performed the miracles we read about in the New Testament, but I have a hard time believing He literally ascended into Heaven by having his body rise up and disappear into the clouds; I’m sure He lay down and allowed His worldly body to die before reuniting with His Father

·         But His spirit still walks with us, and keeps us closer to God, who I believe is a little further away from us, and He is our Saviour because He brought the world back into contact with God

·         We need to be in touch with the Heavenly father to be forgiven of our sins, and without Christ and His sacrifices humanity may well have drifted far from God

·         There was a rift, a gap, between God and humanity, and Christ bridge that gap to save us

·         He is our Saviour, brother and best friend

·         Now I truly believe that all humans are endowed with a soul and the Holy Spirit, even if they don’t realize or see it as the Holy Spirit in the traditional Christian sense

·         But despite God’s dominion over our souls and His unique ability to speak to us through our conscience, He takes less control over the physical fate of our bodies

·         On 9/11 He didn’t reach out and literally stop the planes flying into the WTC and carry each passenger down to safety; He doesn’t rip the AIDS virus out of people’s bodies, or cancer or parasites

·         He doesn’t reach between two cars about to collide to save the people, does not rip the gun from the hand of a murderer before he fires

·         Many people I know who don’t believe in God say that if there was a God there wouldn’t be so much horror in the world; the Rwandan genocide, the Holocaust,  the World Wars, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, the AIDS pandemic, nuclear weapons, the genocide in Darfur, and so on and so on

·         But that doesn’t mean there’s no God, it just means He isn’t the puppet master the Christian church has been telling people He is for 2000 years

·         Once He released us humans, His most complex creations, onto the earth, the physical well-being of our physical bodies became dependent on the physical earth around us, and we are largely responsible for them; if you spend your entire life shovelling shit into your mouth, not exercising and abusing substances, you’ll get cancer, heart disease, strokes etc.

·         God won’t stop that, although He can save your soul from the Devil or useless wanderings once you kill yourself from of overindulgence

·         But that’s why we’re encouraged in the Bible to not put too much into worldly pleasures; sex with too many people, you’ll get diseases; too much rich food or alcohol, you’ll destroy your cardiovascular and digestive systems; too many extreme risks taken, you can get permanent injuries or die, and so on

·         God strengthens our souls, not our physical bodies

·         He speaks to us through our consciences, not physical actions, any church or preacher

·         When we are in desperate need and we pray for assistance, what we are given is a stronger soul, resilience and deeper faith that the more we make out of this life, whatever comes our way, the more we will be rewarded in the afterlife

·         God does not stop physical death, He stops a deeper kind of death

·         I believe God endows us with a soul from the moment we are conceived, which is why I find abortion abhorrent and evil, but we control how many children are conceived; if God did in fact preordain all our children, there wouldn’t be this many, because we have more people in the world right now than the earth can handle; God would not deliberately give us more than we could handle

·         We must not be angry with God if we have children who are ill or deformed, or short-lived; these things are terrible tragedies caused by defective genes; our bodies are brilliantly designed machines conceived long before Adam and Eve even emerged, but the world is imperfect, and therefore not every human body will be perfect

·          But nothing in the physical world can damage our souls; so when we pray for loved ones, it’s more important to pray for the strengthening and preservation of their souls than their bodies

·         I believe in both Creationism and evolution, as odd as that may sound, but it actually makes perfect sense. I think that yes, perhaps the core of the earth was created by an explosion, then God modeled it into something that life could thrive on

·         I think that life did start out as single celled organisms and did change, expand and evolve, and that once we had reached a certain stage in development, God endowed us souls and our conscience, and that’s how we had dominion over the earth, because there is more to us than just our physical being, and we are of greater intelligence and creativity than the rest of the earth’s creatures

·         The first six days were not days in the literal 24 hours sense we know now, and God allowed the earth to grow and thrive and organisms changed, some went extinct, others emerged from evolution of other organisms. Perhaps the seventh day was the time He rested while human beings grew out of the earth over time

·   The stories and knowledge of the Lord and our origins were passed down orally through their generations, until around the 9th century BC when people finally started writing things down, hence the beginning of the Old Testament.  But since oral stories change somewhat with the broken telephone effect, we must take the Old Testament with a grain of salt, and always remember who God truly is – a loving father – because there’s quite a lot in the Old Testament that would tell us otherwise if were to take it word for word

·         The Bible is incredibly precious, because it is our oldest history, and no human work is closer to God than the Bible, particularly the New Testament

·         The New Testament is extremely special, because it was written about a time in the world when many strange and special things were happening, that had never happened before and may not happen again for thousands of years

·         God was with us on the earth, people were seeing Him for the first time and being given a very special chance to make amends with the Creator

·         I believed Christ was resurrected just long enough to get in His last words and tell us that He would be back some day

·         But when the Bible says that Christ is coming “soon”, it could mean 10000 years for all we know, because 10000 is a tiny amount of time compared to how long the earth has been in existence